How much we have in common, how little we differ?

Information about the project

The students are going to search information and present them to their partners in other countries

1.The most popular national dishes.

2. Selected the most interesting monuments and historical facts of our country.

3. What we like to do in your spare time?: what kind of music we like to listen to? what we like computer games? what sports we like the most?

4. The most important ceremonies and events at our school.


April - May


Presentation of our Portuguese partners

Presentation of Turkish partners

Polish partners


Do you want to know how they look Polish partners?

Play the game :-)

Connect pairs of right words.




Selected most interesting historical facts of POLAND.

Meet Polish selected munuments.

Coelhinho da Páscoa

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Do you know famous Poles?

Check it out.

10 most famous Poles

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